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Pilot Training Specials

MQ-9 “Reaper”
Creech AFB, NV  
432d Wing, 17th Attack Squadron

KC-135R “Stratotanker”
Fairchild AFB, WA 
92nd Air Refueling Wing

KC-135R “Stratotanker”
Fairchild AFB, WA 
92nd Air Refueling Wing

C-130H2 “Hercules”
Niagara Falls ARS, N.Y 
328th Airlift Squadron

A-10 "Thunderbolt II"
Whiteman AFB, MO 
442d Fighter Wing, 358th Fighter Squadron

A-10 "Thunderbolt II"
Moody AFB, GA 
476th Fighter Group, 76th Fighter Squadron

RQ-4B “Global Hawk”
Beale AFB, CA 
548th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group, 13th Intelligence Squadron

MQ-9 “Reaper” & MQ-1 "Predator"
Beale AFB, CA 
548th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group, 9th Intelligence Squadron

C-17A "Globemaster III"
McChord AFB, WA 
62d Airlift Wing,8th Airlift Squadron

CH-47D “Chinook”
Dallas Army Aviation Support Facility 
B Co. 2-149th General Support Aviation Battalion, Army Aviation Support Facility 1 Lexington

Welcome Vance AFB Class 13-13!

How do we get our "Class Patch Print" Done?

Squadron Graphics has been the Series of Pilot Training for nearly 30 years now providing memories of a special time in the lives of new pilots and their families. We have expanded our Series to now include for the first time – Class Patch Prints. These are done in conjunction with each Class as a Class Project. We will produce different signed and numbered limited edition prints – for each of the three aircraft that you are training in – the T-6A "Texan II", the T-1A "Jayhawk" and the T-38C "Talon". Each new print will be a Limited Edition of 100 signed and numbered prints based upon those existing airplane prints at your base. We will normally add the Class Patch above the aircraft and centered. Some Classes also request that we add or remove other patches – for example, they might have us add the Flight patch of the T-6 Flight that they were assigned to for training (please provide those patches). These prints will be posted up to the website at discounted prices until graduation – this will allow family and friends access to them also. After graduation, any remaining prints will continue to be offered on the site, but at normal pricing.
The first step is appointing a Project Officer to act as our "Point of Contact" (POC) with the Class. Since contact has already been initiated, the chances are good that your POC has already been identified – it is you. Go to our website and contact us, providing us with your name, rank, UPT Class #, which T-6A Squadron and email addresses, and your cell, work and home phone numbers. This will allow us to get in contact quickly when we need to know something and prevent unnecessary delays. The Project Officer will be assisting in the production of the Class Patch Print and providing the following information:


Provide the Class Patch and any requested Flight patches IN DIGITAL FORMAT that are to be shown on the lithographs. You can email your patch directly to us at – patch@squadrongraphics.com (include what class and base the patch is for). We request that you send us JPG or TIF files, at 300 dpi, no smaller than 2" x 2" (approx. 500 kb).
Once the Class contacts us through the Project Officer we will prepare digital files of each of the three aircraft prints so that the Class may see then and when you approve the prints we can go to press. Each member can then execute a copy of the Credit Card Authorization Form (below) indicating which prints, frame and mat selection, or just unframed prints they wish to order OR you can fill out the form as a Class form with one credit card payment. The Project Officer can then fax or email the forms to us and we will produce the prints and ship them out to be distributed by the Project Officer. Please specify a ship to address.


Pilot Training is the most special of times and these prints will be the beginning of your collection of all the aircraft that you will fly during you career. We do these very special Class Patch Prints at no extra cost to you – in fact, they are greatly discounted from our normal website pricing – your cost is just $69.95 in our Top-of-the-line 2" Cherry Wood frame vs. the regular $89.95 price on the site. Shipping is extra - we will ship in bulk to the Project Officer for distribution and thus currently we are able to keep the shipping to $5.00 per print. Unframed prints are still just $26.00 each and will be shipped with the framed prints at no additional cost.

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